18th September 2023

Mixing sport, culture and business travel – the Saltee way

Exploring the World with Fiona Harold

Combining business travel with discovering new places and cultures is a Saltee art form.

Working in international sports provides an opportunity to see the World. But balancing demanding travel with a hectic professional and family life can be a squeeze. There’s often little time to immerse in the beauty of the destinations visited. Fiona Harold, the Commercial Director at the Ladies European Golf Tour understands this better than most.

But between the hustle and bustle of her professional life, Fiona has found moments of inspiration, reflection, and transformation during her travels. In a recent interview, Fiona shared some of these transformative travel stories giving us a glimpse into her Exec world. Fiona’s connection to Saltee also led to a request to collaborate in providing SPF gifts for Team Europe at the 2023 Solheim Cup this September.

For Fiona, some of the most impactful travel comes from skiing:

“It allows you to be active, switch off mentally, immerse yourself in nature, be grateful for your health and think about the beauty of planet Earth and how we should respect it.”

Fiona’s love for travel is underpinned by the energy and the stimulation she gains from exploring new places and meeting people from all over the world:

“You are guaranteed to learn something every time you travel. Whether it’s for work or leisure, travel offers a precious opportunity to disconnect, let your mind wander, and return refreshed by new experiences.”

While Fiona acknowledges that her travel often involves quick work trips, she stresses the importance of finding small meaningful ways to sample local culture. Learning about a place’s history, language, traditions, and, of course, its food, adds depth and richness to the travel experience.

At the Ladies European Tour (LET) engaging locally is a priority, and Fiona’s curiosity about different cultures aligns with the Tour’s mission to connect with the places they visit. This cultural connection drove the collaboration with Saltee – that shared passion for cultural exchange and transformative travel experiences.

Mastering the art of travelling light is a goal many seek to perfect. One of Fiona’s travel skills is her efficiency in packing, born from her frequent business trips with LET. She advises preparing toiletries in advance and always carrying essential items like plug adaptors and cables.

“Also staying hydrated during flights is crucial, so she adds favourite Earl grey tea bags in her bags to ensure a comforting taste of home wherever she goes in the world.”

Among her many travels, Fiona fondly remembers her visit to Zadar, Croatia, for a World Sports Tourism Congress. While work commitments kept her mostly at the hotel, the stunning coastline and active atmosphere left a lasting impression.

“It’s a place that sparked my intent to return for a personal holiday—a testament to the power of business travel to inspire future adventure.”

In her role as Commercial Director at LET, Fiona has been instrumental in connecting Saltee, to the LET team for the 2023 Solheim Cup. Her passion for travel, adventure, and exploration aligns seamlessly with Saltee’s commitment to providing premium sun protection for athletes in luxury sports. As we look forward to the Solheim Cup, we can trust that Team Europe will be well-equipped to face the sun, thanks to our support.


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