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Saltee is a London based suncare brand created for those who love to travel, want to explore the world, chase the sun and dream about their next grand adventure.

We at Saltee are always planning that next holiday experience. Dreaming of new places, hunting down that once-in-a-lifetime beach, finding the perfect lunch table. Saltee draws on the inspiration of travel to new places and the exotic vibes that will get you excited for the next trip. We’ll inspire you where to go next and as importantly what to take.

All our products are formulated in the UK to provide suncare for adventures anywhere in the World. Saltee SPF 50 face formulas and SPF 30 body lotions. Saltee products are vegan friendly, cruelty free, paraben free, responsibly sourced and are Oxybenzone-free, which makes it safer for our oceans.

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Whether you are poolside, seaside, slopeside – say goodbye to sticky residues, streaky limbs, and white chalky, marks. Say hello for the first time to a sun cream collection that feels good on your skin and looks good in your beach bag.

Saltee provides ultra UVA & UVB protection. Premium, modern and natural SPF suncare for anyone or anything under the sun. Our hope is that you get outside and move your body, every single day.

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Venuceane is the hero of our face sun formulas. Sourced naturally from the depths of the Caribbean Sea, this organic ingredient counters photo damage, is anti-ageing and protects against both UV and IR radiation.

Our body lotions SPF 30 protection is enhanced with tan accelerator that stimulates your skin’s natural sun defences and melanin production to protect and enhance your skin condition. Saltee helps your skin better protect itself from UV rays whilst naturally boosting tanning.

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Saltee was created by Sam and Patrick because it didn’t exist; luxurious, clean and quality sun protection that feels good on the skin and looks good while doing it. Who was asking for it? The women in our life, Aimee and Caroline. Aimee loves open-water swimming, Caroline is a triathlete with a passion for pilates, they both enjoy skiing in the Alps and stylish, exotic sun filled adventures – to some special places round the world.

They both needed a fun and premium SPF solution that let them get outside, without compromising their style. Too busy chasing the sun and planning their next trip to make their own product, we decided to do it for them.

We want Saltee to join all your travel experiences – make us part of your pre-travel essential preparation. Come with us on our Saltee journey around the world.

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