What the Saltee Tribe have said about me:

Kate, London

I loved the Saltee packaging and I’ve heard so many good things about the products so was going to try the face formula but was then tempted into the body lotion as well. Gorgeous, light sun creams. I’ve been so fed up with greasy, heavy, streaky sun lotions – Saltee feels so good on my skin and provides high UVA and UVB protection – SPF 30 and 50. I definitely won’t ever go on holiday without it. I’m in the #SalteeTribe for sure.


Liz, Manchester

Saltee Body Sea & Sun Lotion is now the first purchase after I’ve booked the flight and hotel. Saltee – you are now an extension of my summer wardrobe. Hope I have a chance to wear as much Saltee at home this summer, as on the beach. Couldn’t help but test it out before we fly and it’s absolutely amazing! It’s so light and absorbs in seconds unlike some other chalky creams. It smells beautiful and fresh as well!


Mel, Bristol

I was gifted Saltee by my friend. What a cute present. The face Daily Protection SPF feels beautiful and I’m happy to wear a dab of make-up over the top – it works pefectly as a skin primer. Doesn’t feel like suncreams I’ve tried before and I’ve tried a lot. Definitely a Saltee convert and will making another order very soon. 


Becky, London

Fab sun cream, great daily product.

I bought Saltee for holiday but I’m now using it as my daily SPF. Sinks in so quickly, no white marks and feels lovely. Can’t quite believe that it’s SPF 50. Would definitely recommend this. Everyone needs a daily SPF and this one is perfect!


Kayla, Edinburgh

First timer loving the Saltee vibe.

Took Sea & Sun with me on a ski trip to Chamonix in March. Worth the little splurge. Saltee is not greasy and not shiny. The fragrance is light and fresh and I felt good knowing my skin was protected sufficiently, the lack of burn all holiday told me I was definitely protected. Now time to try the body SPFs for summer.


Mia, St Albans

No bikini marks.

SPF 30 protection that doesn’t stain my bikini. Saltee had me at “no streaks” and for some winter sun in Dubai that’s how it worked out. Really love the pump bottle which makes it easy to apply and kept the product air tight all holiday. Cruelty free and vegan-friendly is really important to me as well, what’s not to love? 


Sara, Nottingham

First timer loving the Saltee vibe.

Love, looove Saltee Active Lotion. Made me feel so good when I used it on our week in Thailand. I don’t want a sports suncream that stings but I did want SPF 30 that allowed me to be in and out of the pool, as well as protected for my morning pilates. Also smells great – not overpowering, just the right light fragrance.  I used Saltee head to toe. Recommended.


Natalie, Buckinghamshire

Protects and tans!

I really wanted a suncream that would protect my skin but also allowed me to get a lovely golden tan. Saltee body products were actually recommended to me because they contain tan accelerator that actually helps preps and maintains your skin condition so you can get a great tan. I absolutely love it! It smells lovely and also kept my skin moisturised in the sun. Can’t wait to try the face products as well!


Sam, Leicester

Best Suncream I’ve ever used

Saltee is definitely all-round, the best suncare.  I’m so fussy and wanted something that would tick all my boxes.  It’s been amazing on my sensitive skin – keeps it soft and hydrated without irritation. They have a Daily Protection which is perfect for everyday use (even under make-up) plus a Body Active which was great on holiday running around after the kids. No greasy marks or thick chalky streaks, smells fresh and light, moisturising and the packaging is beautiful and easy to use! Couldn’t ask for much more!


Carly, Bristol

My favourite natural sunscreen brand

I’ve been looking everywhere for a suncream that not only uses naturally derived ingredients but actually works and makes my skin feel good.  Ingredients like Venuceane which is sourced from the ocean plus natural essential oils like coconut, jojoba and avocado oil combined with my favourite, cucumber extract, really help to hydrate and soothe. Not only this but the products are vegan-friendly and cruelty free.


Charlie, London

Best vegan sun care!

Finally, and vegan-friendly suncare range that not only provides high protection that actually works – no horrible thick, white marks that don’t rub in. The products are so light so don’t make your skin feel like you need a shower every 2 hours! A cruelty-free range that hydrates, soothes, easy to use and isn’t greasy or sticky. Well done Saltee!!


Sabrina, Liverpool

Protects and feels great on my skin

I think I’ve found my favourite suncream! My skin is very fair and burns in minutes so I tend to stay out of the sun completely.  I loved the ethos that Saltee has about getting out and enjoying the sun so I gave it a try and was so nice to be able to feel confident on my holiday that my skin was fully protected.  Not only did I not burn for the first time ever but the overall condition of my skin has improved. It feels so much softer and healthier! Would definitely recommend.


Victoria, Bournemouth

Best suncream for my active lifestyle

I love to stay active on holiday.  I may be one of the rare few! I swim, run, pilates etc. not only that but my husband and I are all-round adventure seekers so I really wanted something that was good for an active lifestyle.  A lot of sports sun creams are stingy or too harsh for my skin but I used the Active body suncream whilst I was away last week and it’s was perfect for this.  I even used it at the end of the day because the essential oils work to soothe your muscles! Loved it.


Jenny, California

Amazing…and free shipping!

I’d read some great stuff about this sunscreen so had to try it. I’m out in the sunshine all the time so needed something I could rely on to keep me protected. My friend was raving about Daily Protection and it didn’t disappoint! High SPF and makes my skin so soft. PLUS what’s even better is that they offer free shipping worldwide when you spend $50/ £40 or more (which is only 2 products) and it arrived much quicker than i thought it would. It was an easy decision!


Liz, Perth

Saltee fan in Oz

Ordered this new suncream and I’m so glad I did.  I bought the active body lotion and the Daily protection for my face and I got free shipping to Australia!  I love that it’s high protection and vegan friendly. Have ben using daily and already made another purchase to top up!


Kayleigh, London

Amazing price for two amazing products! I absolutely love Saltee.  The daily protection is THE best SPF50 suncream I’ve ever used…high protection, absorbs in seconds and it smells so good. I also love the sea and sun lotion.  I actually use it as a daily body moisturiser, it’s so hydrating and completely gets rid of dry skin from the sun. So glad I bought this duo in time!


Jenny, Westlake CA

Really impressed by this sunscreen. Broad spectrum SPF50 and 30 and sinks in so fast. No thick, gloopy mess and it smells so good, light and fresh. I’ve been using the Sea & Sun Lotion for my weekends at the beach and also the Daily protection formula just in my everyday skin routine. Fast delivery also. Would definitely recommend.


Hannah, Tallahassee FL

Used Saltee on my vacation last year and just re-ordered. Wouldn’t sunbathe without it now. Reliable protection, no burning and it’s so good for my sensitive skin. I love that it’s vegan friendly also. Active sun Lotion is my favourite, I’m always on the go!


Jane, Richmond

Hands down the best hand sanitiser I’ve ever used. It doesn’t have that drying effect that most do and it smells beautiful, no stickiness, an actual pleasure to use. The bottle is lovely and easy to use pump. Great size so I can take it with me on my commute and it will be coming with me on my holiday in a couple weeks in my hand luggage.  Definitely worth the money.


Sarah, Cornwall

First time trying the new Saltee Hands and I was so, so impressed. It smells absolutely amazing and it’s not sticky at all. Nice little set with the Daily Protection face cream also. This is a great everyday SPF and works really well under my make-up.  It’s also not sticky or chalky like you’d expect from such high sun protection cream.  Great combo.

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