What the Saltee Tribe have said about me:


Managed to get my hands on a pre-launch sample of the Body Sea & Sun lotion 30SPF. The product looks great, loved the coral colour pack. Non-greasy and easy to absorb with a nice subtle fragrance. Looking forward to trying the other products when they launch.


Jenna Killington

Was given a launch sample of this for our ski holiday – really love the packaging much more stylish than other brands – used for myself and children all loved it everything you want from a suncare brand absorbs quickly, nice fragrance and ticks my ethical purchasing box too



Lucky to have been sent some Saltee out…

Lucky to have been sent some Saltee out to Aus. Trialled body SPF 30 on a trip up to the WhitSundays – was delighted. Beautiful light fragrance, so light to apply and I got a healthy tan. Beats previous products I’ve used. A British suncream under the Aussie sun seems strange. But I’m ordering some more


Dorothee, London

I loved the Saltee packaging and was going to try the face formula but was then tempted into the body lotion as well. Gorgeous light sun creams. I’ve been so fed up with heavy streaky sun protection – Saltee feels as good on your skin as any SPF, yet provides SPF 30 or 50 protection. Now part of my holiday preparation vibe. I’m in the #SalteeTribe for sure.


Liz, Manchester

Saltee Body Lotion (Sea & Sun Lotion) is now the first purchase after I’ve booked the flight and hotel. Saltee – you are now an extension of my summer wardrobe. Hope I have a chance to wear as much Saltee at home this summer, as on the beach. 


Mel, Bristol

I was gifted Saltee by my friend. What a cute present. The face SPF (Daily Protection Formula) feels beautiful and I’m happy to wear a dab of make-up over the top. Doesn’t feel like suncreams I’ve tried before and I’ve tried a lot. Definitely a Saltee convert and will making another order very soon. 


Becky, London

Fab sun cream, great daily product.

I bought Saltee for holiday but I’m now using it as my daily SPF. Sinks in so quickly, no white marks and feels lovely. Can’t quite believe that it’s SPF 50. Try it girls.


Kayla, Edinburgh

First timer loving the Saltee vibe.

Took Sea & Sun with me on a ski trip to Chamonix in March. Worth the splurge. Saltee is not sheeny and not shiny. The light fragrance at the start of each day reassured me I was protected, the lack of burn all holiday told me I was definitely protected. Now time to try the body SPFs for summer.


Mia, St Albans

No bikini marks.

SPF 30 protection that doesn’t stain my bikini. Saltee had me at “no streaks” and for some winter sun in Dubai that’s how it worked out. Really love the pump pack which makes it easy to apply and I have to admit the sexy looking packaging did appeal. And cruelty free plus vegan, what’s not to love? Sign me up to the #SalteeTribe 


Sara, Nottingham

First timer loving the Saltee vibe.

Love, looove Saltee Active Lotion. Made me feel so good when I used it on our week in Thailand. I don’t want a sports suncream that stings but I did want SPF 30 that allowed me to be in and out of the pool, as well as protected for my morning pilates. Also smells great – not overpowering, just the right light fragrance.  I used Saltee head to toe. Recommended.

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