9th October 2020

Support World Mental Health Day 2020

Join us for a weekend of mindfulness

Today is World Mental Health Day and this weekend we’re taking some time to practice some important self-love.   Join us for some ‘me time’ to discover the Saltee way to take care of you.  Whether you’re spending your days with family, friends or on your own, we want to inspire you to stay focused, motivated and healthy, inside and out.

This year more than ever has had a huge impact on our mental health.  Experts at Mind tell us:

“With over 16,000 people, we know that more than half of adults (60%) and over two thirds of young people (68%) said their mental health got worse during lockdown. We know that many have developed new mental health problems as a result of the pandemic and, for some of us, existing mental health problems have gotten worse.”

Discover more from Mind and how you can get involved and help here 

Mindful Meditation

There’s no better time to find peace and a sense of well-being through meditation than now. When we are stressed and anxious, our bodies release stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline which can actually compromise our immune system so it’s essential to find ways to keep a clear head.  What’s great is anyone can meditate, and you can do it anywhere.

It’s a unique self-discovery that enables you to understand the true essence of letting go, being comfortable in silence, and finding power in the present.

Some of our favourite meditation apps include Headspace, Calm and Aura.  Take a look and make time for some much-needed mindfulness.

Our resident #SalteeTribe member Annabel Dorman, former professional dancer, and Aerial dancing teacher, now teaching Pilates, yoga and working as a PT swears by her meditation sessions:

“Another way to relax for me is reading followed by a 10 min still meditation. A great app to learn to meditate if you are not familiar with this practice is “Headspace” and if reading is not for you, or you are a very active person like me, just reading two pages helps you go to sleep. “Headway books” is a great app that takes all the main ideas and sums up the book for you and you can listen to it while you are on the move too.”

I have never been a bath person, I spend more time filling it with water than the time I can stay still in it, so for me a long shower alternating cold and hot water to stimulate good circulation before going to bed is mandatory to relax the muscles and absorb the benefits of all the exercise I did during the day.”

Set some goals

Whether it’s short term, long term, work or your personal life.  Set some goals and think of how you might want to achieve them. It’s like a spring clean for your life. Not only are you ticking things off the list you might not usually have been able to fit in but you’re keeping consistently busy, productive and focused.

No matter how big or small your goals are, give yourself something to achieve and reward yourself for achieving them. Whether it’s clearing out your cupboards, finishing off some DIY, fitness goals or getting on top of your work.  Feel grounded by taking control of your own sphere of influence.

Learn something new

Find a healthy balance of keeping busy and slow your pace of life for a little bit. Take up a new hobby or focus on developing your existing hobbies.

Take some time for self-development. Start reading some books, take up painting and have the kids join in, learn a new language or brush up on your baking skills. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re able to, why not volunteer to help in your local community.

Whether it’s going for a walk, learning a new skill or doing something creative, taking the first steps to getting support for yourself, or reaching out to someone else; take the opportunity to do one thing this World Mental Health Day for you or your loved ones.






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