10th November 2020

Winter Luxuries with Soapsmith

Founder Sam Jameson’s reveals her winter edit

Here at Saltee, we have teamed up with Soapsmith, a scent-centric, handcrafted hand, bath and body care brand. Founder Sam Jameson is mesmerised by London’s unique experiences. That’s why she blends all her Soapsmith scents to reflect and capture the vibrant, cultural jamboree she calls home. Soapsmith use all natural, nourishing, quality ingredients. Every product is a complete labour of love to achieve absolute perfection for its customers.

Read on as we delve into Sam’s winter must-have’s…

Sam is a big fan of summer- warm long days, bright luscious colours and smiling faces.  But for her, winter is the season for wholesome moments.  When the clocks go back, out come her winter essentials and rituals….

Keep me warm, and my heating bills down!

I love to be warm, always. There is nothing worse for me than that shivering chill that starts to set in, in Autumn. But every year, I’m determined to resist putting the heating on for as long as possible. Enter the hot water bottle. I have a few covers (I tend to treat myself to a new one every year), and this year I’ve indulged in the ultra soft, British made cashmere cover from Brora.

Protect and nourish my hard-working hands

I’m sure I’m not alone that when the weather turns, my skin really suffers. For me, my hands take the brunt of it (I’m sure this also has something to do with the “hands on” work I do!). I seem to go through my Soapsmith Hand Lotion at twice the rate in the winter. It’s no secret that Hackney is my favourite Soapsmith scent; it’s very personal to me as it’s inspired by where I was born and memories of my childhood. But in the winter, especially as I settle into bed (with my hot water bottle), I tend to reach for my Lavender Hill Lotion. Christmas is our busiest period; I work 15 hour days throughout November and December, so having a product that is nourishing and calming in equal measure, makes for a better night sleep.

Invest in a decent coat

We need to keep the production space at Soapsmith HQ cool for all the products, which means I spend most of the winter overdressed! A few years ago I invested in a really warm jacket from Acne Studios – which keeps me warm right down to the bones. My face always feels like an ice cube, but at least the rest of me is snug!

Family time and creativity

A mum of a 4 year old girl with a LOT of energy, winter can be tough to keep her entertained- so it’s a time for creativity and ideas that will keep her mind ticking for hours on end. On the 1st December, we sit down, pen and paper in hand, and start plotting for how we will spot Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. We try and find something different each year to draw, make or bake and leave out for him and his reindeer in the hope he’ll wake us up to thank us one year! No such like as yet, but we’re hopeful. Last year, we found deer prints in my daughter’s bedroom (which looked a lot like icing sugar…. )

Self care in the form of a hot bath

By the time January comes around, I’m pretty exhausted. A bath 2-3 times a week tends to sort me out. Hot water heaped with my Soapsmith bath soaks, jazz in the background, and my favorite candles by Cire Trudon, resets and restores my mind and body, ready for another exciting year of Soapsmith.

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