8th November 2021

Saltee Winter Hand Care Guide

As the days get a little colder and we start thinking about making changes to our everyday skincare routine, it’s also worthwhile spending some time looking after your hands.  The skin on our hands is a little thinner and therefore prone to problems such as dryness, itchiness, cracking and peeling during winter.  It’s also the first area of skin to show signs of ageing.  

Here are our recommendations on how you can look after your hands during winter.


Give your hands the same treatment as you give your face.  Our hands are often just as exposed as our face during the winter.  Where you can’t wear gloves to protect them make sure you use a protective hand cream.  Moisturise using SPF50 Sea & Sun Formula.  This will provide ultra-high UVA and UVB protection plus, Nordic Pine Bark will help moisturise and reduce hyper-pigmentation.

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Wear gloves

We recommend investing in a good pair of warm gloves to keep your hands warm and protected in the cold.  This will avoid chapping and cracking which can often be sore.  Treat yourself to a regular hand mask for a boost of intense hydration.

Don’t over-wash

We find ourselves washing our hands much more often than we used to.  This can leave hands a little worn at times, especially if you’re using harsh products.  Keep washing your hands but we also recommend, Saltee hands luxury sanitising hand gel.  With ingredients so nourishing, it feels like a moisturisers and smells like your favourite perfume.  Infused with 70% alcohol, it gently but thoroughly combats 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Neroli oil will calm and soothe the senses, helping to eliminate the stresses and strains of everyday life.  A must-have for the winter months.

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Add a dose of moisture

Did you think our Tan Enhance Formula was just for your legs and arms?! This intense moisturiser contains Shea Butter which is one of the best and most effective ingredients to add hydration to your skin.  What’s more it also includes pomegranate extract which gives the skin that extra sun-kissed glow by stimulating outer layer cells.  It will do your hands wonders.

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Gentle exfoliation

A gentle exfoliator on dry hands will calm and soothe irritated skin.  It will remove dry skin cells and keep the skin soft and supple.  We recommend twice a week.  Exfoliation also improves the effectiveness of your moisturiser as the dead cells block moisture from the layers of live skin cells that actually need it.  

How do you look after your hands during the cold wintery season?

We also recommend having a read of our ‘Importance of SPF all-year-round’ journal for your full bodycare routine advise here.


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