21st May 2021

Supercharged Staycations with Studio Wanderwell

The ultimate planning guide to local UK travel

With summer holidays still hanging in the balance, many people have opted for a staycation this year.  After a year in lockdown we all deserve to make this first post-pandemic trip a good one! Studio Wanderwell is all about helping you to make the most of your time off, wherever you choose to spend it and whoever you’re sharing your holiday with.

So if you’re planning to stay on home turf this summer, here’s a few ways to super charge your staycation, and maximise your precious time off with our friends and family:


Britain can be one of the most rewarding places to holiday for a foodie, whether you’re picking up freshly caught crab from a North Norfolk market, or getting to grips with a Cornish stargazy pie. But after the year we’ve had, even the most gastronomically enthusiastic of us need a break from the kitchen. So a self-catered holiday…absolutely…but that doesn’t have to mean self-catered by you! We recommend that you think about hiring a private chef or a local caterer to come in and cook for you a few nights of your holiday, or to put together a picnic basket for a hike or a day at the beach. Being looked after and not having to think about feeding your fellow travellers will instantly add the relax factor to any home-from-home holiday.


There’s a reason why busy people love staying in hotels where the concierge in the corner of the lobby does the thinking for you. But in today’s travel age, you can benefit from concierge style experience when self-catering too, by enlisting a little help. Looking to book a table for six with the best sunset views in Devon? Need a handwritten list of beaches in Suffolk with easy parking for tired toddler legs? When we travel, we hunt out people who are passionate about where they live, people who are just itching to share their local knowledge with you. To find these people who are treasure troves of wonderful local intel, you just need to know where to look and who to ask, which brings me onto my next point…


There’s a ton of research that shows that the most satisfied holidaymakers are those who immerse themselves in the local culture, nature and hidden secrets of their destination. Experiences are now as, if not more important than relaxation when it comes to the ingredients of the perfect holiday. This is great in theory but it takes time, energy and know-how to hunt out hidden gems and genuinely brilliant things to do on holiday, particularly if you’re travelling with kids or friends with different interests. Hire a holiday wingman to curate suggestions of unmissable local highlights, ungoogleable experiences and even to organise bike hire, private surf or riding lessons. Whatever you’re into, and whoever you’re travelling with, it will take the stress away and give you something to look forward to.


We love a staycation because it means we can load up the car with everything but the kitchen sink, with no concern for airline luggage allowances. But if your car is full of receipts, wrappers and other detritus from everyday life, it can remove some of the shine from heading off on your well-deserved break. For a bit of post-lockdown extravagance, why not hire your dream car to road trip the amazing landscapes of the British Isles? Yes it’s a luxury, but if there was ever a time to treat yourself, it’s now!


You have earned this holiday, and you deserve it to be exactly as you want it to be. If there’s something that would make it perfect for you, don’t be afraid to ask – whether that’s dairy free milk (or your favourite wine) in the fridge for your arrival after a long drive or that there are enough pillows on the bed. The more specific you can be about your likes and dislikes when you book your holiday, the more personal and special it will be!

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