24th October 2020

Self-care this season

An introduction to Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

At this busy time of year, some of us can start to lose a sense of ourselves; with the feeling of Christmas only a stone’s throw away and the current uncertainty of the day to day, it’s hugely important not to forget about looking after yourself as it’s all too easy to burn out. Why not enter our exclusive giveaway below that gives 5 lucky winners the chance to get their hands on a skincare bundle from Aurelia Skincare and Saltee for the ultimate self-care in pampering.

The team at Aurelia are great believers in steps you can take to avoid the autumn/winter burn-out, and small changes that can make a big difference. Looking after your skin goes hand in hand with the act of self-care; here are some of our favourite tips:

Staying hydrated with plenty of water throughout the day is key. It’s tempting to reach for hot drinks in winter time, but traditional tea and coffee are not quite as hydrating as we tend to think they are, because they are diuretics. Why not opt for a caffeine-free herbal tea which is a bit more comforting than a cold glass of water. Herbal teas are a great way of introducing more water to your body, while warming you up at the same time. Try and avoid fruit teas which are more acidic and can cause damage to your teeth if drunk excessively.

Taking in plenty of vitamin D is a must. Known as the ‘sunshine chemical’, vitamin D is produced by the sun’s rays, so getting enough from food is important when the days are darker. Vitamin D supports the immune system and so can help stave off winter colds, as well as being reported to maintain a healthy body weight and razor-sharp brain function. Vitamin D-rich foods include oily fish and eggs, and there are also many supplements available to help up your intake until sunnier weather returns.

Take a relaxing bath using calming essential oils, lavender is our favourite, and add a few good scoops of Epsom salts to ease tensions and soothe any aches and pains. There’s nothing quite like a good soak in the bath, you could even pop a relaxing podcast on or some soothing music to help you wind down with ease.

Not only is sleep integral to a healthy mind, but it’s key to glowing skin. Aim for the required eight hours and try a sleep routine with a deeply relaxing pillow mist and indulgent face mask to help you sleep soundly.

Alongside Aurelia’s scientifically-proven probiotic ingredients, Aurelia have always been committed to using beautifully fragranced blends, naturally-derived from essential oils, to deliver a moment of mindfulness with every use.

Mindfulness can take many forms; whether you’re applying your cleanser or night oil, concentrate on using massage techniques to help you relax, boost circulation and give an all-important glow to the skin. There are plenty of techniques available to help you, one easy method of massaging is to focus your movements from the middle of your face outwards towards your ears. This helps to support your natural lymphatic drainage system.

Above all, the most important way to self-care is to enjoy the products that you are using and to let them do all the hard work!


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