18th December 2020

Saltee Winter Skincare Guide

The key to younger, radiant skin in the cold weather

It’s officially winter which means we need to take extra special care of our skin.  The colder weather brings dry hands, chapped lips and dehydration.  Saltee shares our top 5 musts to save your skin this winter.

Always use SPF

Don’t skip out on your SPF. Wearing SPF all year round isn’t just a fad beauty trend. It really is a must.  It’s a fact that UVB rays are still just as strong even when it’s a bit chilly out.  The best way to shield yourself from harmful UVA rays is by ensuring your skin is never exposed without daily protection. Saltee products are all broad-spectrum SPF. That means they provide protection against both UVA and UVB rays making them the ideal products for daily use all year round.

We recommend SPF50 Face Daily Protection Formula which is our ultra-light everyday suncream. Not only will it provide that essential protection but its suncare as skincare formula means you can double up as your daily moisturiser. Packed with Vitamin E, it’ll leave your skin feeling and looking healthy and nourished.

Don’t forget your hands

The skin on your hands is usually over exposed to the dry winter weather and this means it’s likely to become dry, chapped and even quite sore at times.  Saltee prides itself on high-efficacy products, formulated with premium ingredients. We take our time to create the special blend of carefully curated products.  Saltee hands is our NEW sanitising hand gel which is infused with 70% alcohol to combat 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.  Our experts selected only the best ingredients to formulate a hand sanitising gel that was like no other.  It includes a mixture of beautifully blended ingredients which includes Neroli Oil that acts as a natural anti-bacterial ingredient, calming and soothing the skin.

Neroli Essential Oil is a hydration powerhouse, with an incredible ability to soften, replenish and lock in moisture. Applied topically, this Bitter Orange Oil will provide your skin with a protective barrier to ensure that your complexion remains radiant and dewy all day long.  So within Saltee hands it acts and feels like an intense moisturising cream, perfect for the winter months.

Summer skin is made in the winter

Don’t forget your body! Keep it in good, healthy condition to prepare for those beach bikini days ahead.  We recommend SPF30 Active Sun Lotion.  Not only will it provide super hydration but the natural essential oils including jojoba and grapeseed will help relax and calm tired muscles.

Keep hydrated

It might sound obvious but drink lots of water to keep you body hydrated.  Think of water as nutrients for your body. Invest in a good water bottle and keep it with you all day.

Look after your lips

The skin on your lips is very delicate and prone to becoming chapped in the cold weather.  Find a favourite lip protection that provides plenty of moisture and also includes an SPF for extra protection.

Don’t let the winter get the best of your skin. Change up your routine and take a little extra care.  Saltee offers the perfect products for intense hydration for the face, body and hands.  Shop Saltee today and add a boost of moisture to your skincare routine.



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