17th April 2020

The Saltee Power Ingredients List

We’ve been holding out for some (ingredient) heroes

Saltee products each have a special blend of ingredients to provide the highest quality protection. We obsess about our formulations, so that you can obsess about your next trip.

We thought that it was time to tell you more about our ingredients. The Saltee heroes that work to not only protect but that also to keep your skin looking and feeling it’s healthiest before, during and after your holiday in the sun.

Venuceane is an active ingredient sourced straight from the Caribbean Sea. It provides UV protection but it is also counters photo damage. Photo damage counts as ¾ of the cause of fine lines and wrinkles. Venuceane is the hero in both Saltee SPF50 Daily Protection Formula and Saltee SPF50 Sea & Sun Formula. Thanks to Venuceane, these Saltee formulas will improve the overall appearance of the skin as well as provide ultra-high UVA and UVB protection.

Melinoil stimulates the natural skin sun defence system in order to better protect cell from UV damage and premature ageing.  Melinoil also combats sun-induced redness, acts as an anti-inflammatory and soothes sun-soaked skin. It stimulates the skins natural pigmentation for an even skin tone and beautiful natural looking golden glow. The Saltee body collection includes this hero ingredient, which helps to condition the skin so you can achieve the perfect tan.

Coconut Oil is nature’s tropical hydrator. It works to nourish and hydrate all day long.  It makes the perfect addition to your everyday skin care routine especially when you’re exposed to the sun.  Not only does it contain heaps of nutrients but it also intensely hydrates preventing that dryness you feel when you’ve been out in the sunshine all day.  Saltee SPF30 Body Sea & Sun Lotion contains a generous amount of Coconut Oil which makes it a holiday must-have for when you plan to be poolside or seaside.

Natural essential Oils work as Saltee heroes to soothe and relax tired, aching muscles – whatever’s worked you into a sweat whilst getting active. The vitamin E and vitamin B in Jojoba oil calms sun-exposed skin; whilst Grape Seed Oil increases moisture, evens skin tone and soothes sun-exposed skin.  For your dose of natural essential oils, try Saltee SPF30 Body Active Sun Lotion. Whether you’re planning to sweat or get wet, Body Active Sun Lotion protects when you get outside.

Avocado oil is packed with Vitamin E to revitalise and replenish the skin.  An intense moisturiser, this Saltee hero soothes sun-exposed skin.  Avocado Oil also works to renew cells to smooth fine lines and promoting collagen reproduction and binding.  You’ll find Avocado Oil in Saltee SPF50 Face Daily Protection Formula making it a great everyday SPF.

Start planning your next escape with us.  There’s nothing better than pencilling in something to look forward to and when the time comes make sure you take us with you! Our Saltee face products offer ultra-high UVA and UVB protection, perfect when you’re exploring new places in the sunshine.

All Saltee products are vegan friendly, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free and dermatologically tested.

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