15th July 2019

How to get a tan, safely.

Saltee top tips for safe tanning

There’s nothing better than a healthy glow, beaming sun-kissed skin and a good dose of Vitamin D during the warm summer months. It feels good to be out in the sun but there are risks involved if you don’t take care of your skin whilst outside.

These are our Saltee top tips for staying safe in the sun.  Still achieve that enviable tan, safely…

Understand UV rays

UV radiation from the sun is transmitted in three wavelengths – UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC does not penetrate the earth’s atmosphere, so we only really need to protect against UVA and UVB.

UV irradiation in the form of UVA is associated with skin ageing. UVA affects the elastin in the skin and leads to wrinkles and sun-induced skin ageing as well as skin cancer. UVA can penetrate window glass and penetrates the skin more deeply than UVB. UVA protection in a sunscreen helps defend the skin against photo ageing and potentially skin cancer.

UVB is the form of UV irradiation most responsible for sunburn and has strong links to malignant melanoma and basal cell carcinoma risk (types of skin cancer). A sunscreen with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) will help block UVB rays and prevent the skin from burning, and by extension damage that can cause skin cancer.

All Saltee products provide broad spectrum ultra-protection against UVA & UVB rays for optimum protection when you’re out enjoying the sun.


Saltee Suncare

Safe tanning with Saltee suncare

Know your SPF

This can be confusing, so let us help clear it up! SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It is a measure of how well a sunscreen will protect skin from UVB rays, the kind of radiation that causes sunburn, damages skin, and can contribute to skin cancer.

It is important to note that a sunscreen SPF rating is only indicative of its protection from UVB rays. A sunscreen with an SPF of 30 will protect you against 97% of UVB rays and will protect you 30 times longer than if you did not use sunscreen

All Saltee products are a minimum 30 SPF. And our face formulas are SPF 50. We care about ensuring the best sun protection allowing you reconnect with your sun confidence.

Re apply when you should

There is no exact rule on how often you should apply sunscreen as it depends on skin type and UV intensity. You should also be aware that what you’re doing that might reduce the effectiveness of the sunscreen you’re using. Broadly, you should reapply at least every 2 hrs and more regularly if you’re getting wet or sweaty.

Saltee Active Sun Lotion (SPF 30) is specifically formulated for those times when you are active – be that a yoga class, run on the beach or swim in the azure sea.

Saltee Suncare

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Prep your skin

We always feel better with a healthy glow – with this in mind our body products have tan accelerators that will help you achieve a ‘summer sun look’ without compromising your safety. Apart from safe sun exposure (with high SPF sunscreen) we’d also recommend a pre-vacay exfoliation to get you skin tan ready and looking your best.

Protect your eyes

The sun is damaging to your eyes.  Protect your eyes with sunglasses and a hat to filter the light and help block out damaging rays. These important accessories aren’t just a fashion statement!

Saltee Suncare

Saltee and your sunglasses!


Suncare is often made to feel complicated. At Saltee we want to inspire sun confidence. It’s about getting outside and enjoying yourself whilst having peace of mind that your skin is properly protected.  Understand which Saltee product is right for you here.

We’re looking forward to joining you on your next adventure.

Wherever you’re planning your next adventure, ensure you have your Saltee at the ready. Take us with you on your next adventure!
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