27th August 2020

Rosie Green: New Season Handbag Essentials

7 things you need in your handbag everyday

We’ve been lucky enough to chat with Telegraph spa columnist and Red contributing editor, Rosie Green who has shared her top handbag essentials for the new season with us. Discover Rosie’s favourite everyday products whether you’re on-the-go, travelling or even just at home.

Do you hanker after your pre lockdown levels of polish? I know I do.  Because we couldn’t go anywhere for six months, for some of us (okay, hands up, that’ll be me) there has been an inevitable slide in the grooming stakes.  Lately, I’ve really missed wearing clothes that aren’t predominantly Lycra. And putting on some make-up.  And making my hair look good. And packing up my handbag with essentials. 
Perhaps it’s because of the back to school vibe in the air?  Which if you are under sixteen is about freshly sharpened pencils and blank books, but for me now takes the form of sartorial excitement about crisp white shirts, new shape jeans, trench coats and boots. 
I always get excited about this shift in seasons, which means I’m the one on Sept 1st in cashmere and tights. (Never mind the fact it’s its twenty five degrees out). The above will never change, but Covid 19 means what’s in my handbag has.
Here’s what’s going to keep me groomed and glossy on the go.

Saltee Hands Sanitising Hand Gel Pre Covid I thought hand sanitisers were only for Howard Hughes type germ phobes. Now we all need one.  Most are drying to the skin and smell like neat vodka. Saltee Hand Sanitiser is a modern day miracle in that it is hydrating and has a very pleasing orange blossom fragrance, whilst still containing virus zapping alcohol at 70%. 

Pearl Lowe Face Masks When it seemed the whole pandemic thing would blow over quickly, a 25p mask was as much as I was prepared to invest. But now it looks like it’s here to stay, I’ve decided to purchase one of the fash pack’s favourite face coverings – from Pearl’s vintage inspired designs.  They are all double lined and Pearl is making donations to South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust with each sale. 

Jurlique’s Love Balm This product is more than a lip hydrator. I use it to nourish ragged cuticles, moisturise dry patches and tame stray brows. The balm is packed with rose essential oil and beeswax and it smells di-vine. 

Soi handbag light I am a handbag rummager.  I am that person who holds their bag up to their ear to see if it is their phone that is ringing. And because I have finally made peace with the fact that I am never going to be one of those people who has it meticulously organised, I am rejoicing in my discovery of the Soi handbag light. It turns on when it senses your hand, turns off when it doesn’t – and illuminates the contents of your Mulberry.  Instantly puts an end to the undignified scrabble. 

79 Lux Cream For Hands There are hand creams and there are hand creams. This one is off the scale indulgent. 79 Lux formula has squalene and hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, Vitamin C to brighten, and rose, geranium and frankincense for skin repair and microbial protection. 

Romilly Wilde Idle scent, mini 15ml This fragrance has people chasing me down the street.  Seriously.  It’s an alchemic blend of Linden Blossom, Jasmine, Cardamon, Citrus Peel, Angelica, Moss and Aromatic Woods. It has a clever deconstructed formula that means it smells a bit different on everyone, but if you want a general idea, think heady blossom on warm Indian summer’s eve. 

Saltee Daily Protection Formula Every derm I’ve ever interviewed tells me SPF is the key to good skin.  So now I keep sunscreen in my handbag, on my bathroom shelf and in the car. This one goes on really easily, feels lightweight, has an SPF of 50 and even gives my skin a lit from within glow. 

No matter your lifestyle, Saltee has something to suit every handbag.  Pick your perfect match and let Saltee join your next adventure, at home or abroad.

Take advantage of our special Reader Offer and get 20% off your next Saltee order online.  Just enter code HANDBAG20 at checkout.

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