6th April 2021

Co-Founder Patrick’s Californian Adventure

Crowd-sourced plans for an unforgettable trip

Have you ever tried to crowd-source ideas for a holiday? Instagram images inspire us all with incredible scenery and places that we would love to visit. But Saltee co-Founder, Patrick, recently took to Facebook to seek some tips for his planned October holiday to California. As he shares here, what came back more than matched any guidebook.

Patrick: We have decided a family holiday to California in October is possible and the lift we need right now. Flights booked, I wanted some personalised tips.

I started by asking for beach recommendations that would allow for some adventure but which are also be suitable for all the family. What came back loud and clear was that Monterey is “must visit”. Coca-Cola marketing sage Paul Grace enthused about this beachie destination, Uzma Stamp is adamant that we visit the aquarium whilst Emma Pell has us salivating at the prospect of staying at the Jabber Wock Inn. I couldn’t have asked for much more from the Saltee Tribe – Monterey is now firmly on our itinerary and I will be booking our accommodation at the end of August when likely Covid restrictions are clearer.

Claire Rooks-Byron is adamant that we head to Palm Springs and also then enjoy the drive to San Diego through the mountains. No Californian holiday is complete without a road trip and she has made the case for some serious drivetime gawping at the scenery.

We love wildlife adventures on our family holidays, so Suzy Farthing’s recommendation of a stopover at Morro Bay to spot the wild sea otters has me very interested. Another great insider recommendation – thanks Suzy.

 The parks were always going to be on our itinerary but Pete Bowyer made the case for Yosemite. Unmissable says Pete. Especially given it is the shoulder season in early autumn and we should avoid the crowds of high summer – we’re in. The Dome of Yosemite looks a truly Saltee destination.

A good holiday also demands great food and a recommendation from Audley Travel’s Adam Kemp has me intrigued. He championed LA eater

https://la.eater.com for finding the hippest new eat out destinations. I’ve already downloaded the app. Thank you Adam.

And a specific recommendation was incoming from Fi Harold for Mels Drive Ins – where she enjoyed the quintessential American drive through meal on her honeymoon. We will definitely be heading that way for a Californian drive-in experience https://melsdrive-in.com

The planning of a holiday is a Saltee obsession. My California break is taking shape and the social chat on Facebook has me excited, even though I’ve not yet left my desk or my Mac.

What’s missing off the Cali list Saltee Tribe? I’m crowd sourcing for more inspiration and there’s definitely a Saltee prize for the best recommendations…



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