12th April 2024

Our partnership with the Ocean Youth Trust reflects our values as Saltee

Saltee is a business with a strong eco-friendly ethos, underpinned by a passion for life-changing travel experiences, and a mission to inspire cultural exchange.

Our sister organisation, the Saltee Foundation, is a charitable trust created to promote cultural awareness and foster a better understanding of communities and environments outside our own. The Foundation represents our commitment not only to do less harm, but to ensure Saltee’s presence in the world is an active force for good. 

Each year, a minimum of 10% of Saltee’s profits is invested in the Saltee Foundation. So every Saltee product bought helps support some incredible programmes. That is why we are so excited that our partnership with The Ocean Youth Trust aligns with so many of our objectives as a brand.

Providing support to the Ocean Youth Trust (OYT) is an inspiring initiative. We won’t just keep hundreds of young sailors protected on the water but also draw energy form the work of the Trust that includes:

Empowering Youth Through Sailing Adventures: young people are given the unique opportunity to embark on sailing adventures. This experience goes beyond the typical youth activities, offering a hands-on, immersive learning environment. Sailing requires teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, fostering personal development and self-confidence in participants.

Promoting Teamwork and Leadership: Sailing on the open sea requires effective teamwork and strong leadership. OYT’s programs emphasise these skills, encouraging participants to work together to navigate challenges, operate the vessel, and achieve common goals. The experience of being part of a crew on a sailing adventure instills a sense of responsibility and collaboration that extends beyond the voyage.

Building Resilience and Self-Reliance: Sailing is inherently unpredictable and often involves facing adverse weather conditions and unexpected challenges. The Ocean Youth Trust’s programmes teach young people to adapt to changing circumstances, fostering resilience and self-reliance. These skills are invaluable in real-life situations and contribute to the overall personal growth of participants.

Fostering Environmental Awareness: participants are exposed to the beauty and fragility of the marine environment. The Ocean Youth Trust plays a crucial role in raising awareness about marine conservation issues, instilling a sense of responsibility for the oceans and the environment among the youth. This environmental education is essential for creating a generation of informed and environmentally conscious individuals.

Inclusivity and Diversity: OYT often strives to be inclusive, providing sailing opportunities to a diverse range of young people, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances. This inclusivity promotes social cohesion and breaks down barriers, allowing young individuals to interact with peers from different walks of life, fostering understanding and tolerance.

The brilliance of the Ocean Youth Trust lies in its ability to provide young people with unique and impactful experiences that go beyond traditional youth activities. Through sailing adventures, the organisation fosters personal development, environmental awareness, and a sense of community, leaving a lasting and positive impression on the lives of its participants. The programme could not be better aligned with The Saltee Foundation and we are so proud to again support the Trust in 2024.

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