6th February 2023

Ocean friendly SPF

All Saltee products are Saltee friendly…


Yet just a decade ago nobody was aware that SPF could potentially contain harmful ingredients that bleach coral and may harm wider sea-life.

As a young brand; Saltee has been able to have sustainable formulation in our DNA from the outset. Our first formulation brief contained very clear guidance to our brilliant chemist:

  • Oxybenzone can never be part of our formulations;
  • No nano-particles.

We have been science-led as a business and continue to work with partners to identify and avoid ingredients that might be considered harmful to ocean life.

In our formulations, we pair ingredients that act as stabilisers to prevent them from breaking down in the sun. This ensures that our UV filters remains effective in providing sun protection and cannot be toxic to the natural world.

Saltee will continue to lead the interrogation of scientific research on the impact SPF has on the oceans.As Saltee Co-Founder Sam Richardson states:

“We review our formulations every year to reflect the latest findings and our ongoing commitment to being ocean friendly underpins these commitments.

Saltee is a business based on sustainable principles – we don’t shout about it because we see good sustainable practice as a given in any modern consumer goods business. Sam goes on to say:

“Nano-sized zinc oxide may have a harmful impact on fish and coral reefs, causing coral bleaching at high concentrations. The Saltee SPF range does not contain zinc oxide.

Whilst being obsessed with environmentally considerate formulation, we also need to consider protecting our customers from UVA and UVB rays. This focus on gentle formulations is also core to Saltee. Sam adds:

“Suncreams have had a reputation of sometimes aggravating sensitive skin. Our goal at Saltee has always been to formulate products that were as easy to apply as a gentle moisturiser. The full Saltee collection is suitable for sensitive skin.”

With a dual focus on protecting customers and protecting the oceans, Saltee is leading the way in creating the most sustainable SPF range on the planet.

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