19th August 2020

The Long Weekender with La Pochette

Discover the best Saltee product for your on-the-go lifestyle

The bank holiday getaway – the quintessential refresher before Autumn kicks in. But how to ensure you get the most out of the last sunshine break of the year?  London based athleisure accessories and lifestyle brand La Pochette offer sustainable tips and solutions for a stress-free, stylish trip.

La Pochette creates design-led accessories which enable you to master our increasingly hectic life, smoothing your way through transitions between work, play and away, empowering you to create and maintain the life you want to lead. We believe that what you put in your La Pochette pouch is what you get out of your day.

Winning at long weekender travel? We’ve got you covered.

For most of us, this may be the first opportunity for months to travel to see family and friends abroad or scratch that itch for locations more exotic than our friend’s gardens. Here, hand luggage is your greatest friend. Not only does this allow a swift journey through airport security terminals (and zero possibility of the luggage-not-arriving scenario, gah!) it gives the freedom to easily hop on public transport between the airport and destination that cumbersome suitcases prevents.

Enter the see-through Anywhere Everywhere pouch. Lightweight with a secure closure perfect for hand luggage, it can hold all your travel and tech essentials safely alongside your clothes without the danger of spillages enroute. The small and box versions of this best seller handily double up as a liquids bag for security, allowing you to say ‘No’ to the tonnes of single use plastic bags handed out in airports every year – only to become landfill fodder within minutes.

Travelling light with only hand luggage has its own environmental benefits, heavy luggage tots up its very own carbon emissions by adding creating greater fuel consumption when powering a plane with heavier load. Ensure you maintain the reduce, recycle, reuse mantra you use at home and pack eco-friendly essentials such as a lightweight reusable water bottle so you can minimise single use plastics whilst away and decant larger beauty or PPE products into reusable travel bottles rather than using minis which can sometimes cost as much as five times as much as normal sizes.

Leading to our next point – check the weather. Obvious, but crucial in packing your capsule wardrobe for all eventualities. Think layers and wear bulkier outerwear on the flight to make more room within your carry-on. While getaways outside the UK tend to offer more moderate weather, still plan for wind chill in the evenings with a versatile scarf in your accessories edit.

And whilst we’re on capsule wardrobe, why not use a large Anywhere Everywhere to stow away adapters and cameras on the journey and then repurpose as a clutch during the weekend? Money and valuables can be hidden from view in a matching Circle Purse.

Now. Don’t unpack. For such a short stay, remove only toiletries and anything which needs hanging from you bag freeing up your time for more interesting endeavours. Pack the super lightweight Sweat Bag in your luggage and add in your dirty laundry each day to separate it from your clean clothes. Not only will its antibacterial layer keep a check on sweaty sightseeing clothing, but its deodorising properties will ensure your cabin bag is fresh as a daisy so you’re not THAT passenger. The best bit? You can sling it in the washing machine when you get home without even unpacking it.

Those precious last moments need not be wasted with a Wet Bag which lets you lounge by the pool or beach soaking up every last second until your flight home. Super functional, it was designed to allow you to stow away even sopping wet kit inside its waterproof chamber and then pack alongside the rest of your belongings with absolutely no leakage. Perfect.

Now all you have to remember is Money, Tickets, Passport…

No matter where you’re headed this summer. Pack you Saltee and La Pochette, perfect for any travel adventure.

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