17th July 2019

Style, life, travel and Saltee with blogger, Laura Byrnes

Laura talks sun, sea, sand and Saltee

Saltee Suncare

“Saltee answers my suncream prayers”

We’ve been chatting with style, life and travel blogger Laura Byrnes (Laura’s Little Locket).  Laura gives us her take on travel style, some thoughts on taking your beauty favourites abroad and some smart travel tips.

We can see that you love to travel but what’s your favourite type of holiday?

I do love to travel. Luckily it has become a regular part of my everyday life as a blogger. I’ve always been inspired to see new places and explore different cultures. Travel is just something that makes me happy and releases some happy endorphins. Sunny holidays are my favourite – I love to soak up the rays (protected now by Saltee of course) but with a mix of adventure and relaxation. But the best trips come with the best company alongside a mix of amazing food and drink.


What are some of your favourite destinations for unforgettable experiences?

In 2016 I spent 4 months travelling around Australia, Indonesia and South East Asia. Of course, the entire trip was unforgettable, but Vietnam and Bali stood out – I loved the vibe and had some wonderful food adventures. Closer to home, Spain has some hidden gems and is super easy to reach with so many London flights connecting with stunning gateways across Iberia. My little guilty travel secret is that in the winter months in the UK, I love heading over to the Canary Islands, you can always count on the sunshine there…

Saltee Suncare

Style, life, travel and Saltee with blogger, Laura Byrnes

Are you a holiday planner or are you more of the spontaneous last-minute booker?

Ooh tricky one. I like a little of each – for longer and bigger trips, I’m more of a planner, I like to research the right beach, the special hotels and best foodie spots. But I can be spontaneous for last minute short breaks and a city break in Europe needs far less prep. If I’ve been somewhere before, I’m more inclined to be spontaneous and just pack a bag and head to Terminal 5. On reflection I’m a planner at heart and believe that good pre-vacay prep can be the making of the trip.


What goodies would we find in your hand luggage?

I struggle to pack light, so I’ve always got lots of goodies. Beauty wise, SPF is super important to me, so I’ll always have Saltee with me. I’ll also have a hydrating body moisturiser for after a day in the sun. A light fresh scent is a must-pack. If I’m heading somewhere warm, you’ll always find plenty of summery accessories in my case, basket bags, sunglasses, cute sandals – the packing can be as much fun as the arriving.

Saltee Suncare

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What’s your go-to holiday beauty routine?

I do like to try and keep it simple. Day time I’ll opt for my Saltee Face SPF, a little BB cream and maybe a little bronze and tinted lip balm. In the evenings, I still like to keep it light and fresh, but more glowy, golden and radiant, so always a good highlighter, summery lip colour and a dash of mascara.How do you keep your skin looking so healthy in the sun and heat?

Firstly, it’s so important to keep skin cleansed, even if I haven’t had any make-up on, I’ll be cleansing twice a day. Secondly, I don’t overdo it on the make-up, I like to let my skin breathe – so in the day time, start with the Saltee Face SPF, a BB/CC/tinted moisturiser and a few other make up touches. And it’s obvious but forgotten by most of us – drink plenty of water to keep your skin as hydrated as possible!

Saltee Suncare

Saltee, basket bags, sunglasses and cute sandals are must-haves for Laura’s packing list

What’s the most important factor you consider when buying suncream?

A suncream has got to feel great on the first application on my skin! I will always avoid anything sticky. I’ve found that many suncreams don’t rub in properly and you’re left with white marks all over. So, it needs to be hydrating, easily absorbed, light and fresh.


What do you like most about Saltee?

Saltee answers my suncream prayers. I mentioned above what I look for in a suncream, and Saltee ticks all of my boxes. It feels great on my skin, it soaks in beautifully, it doesn’t sit on my skin. After the sun and the salt water, my skin can often feel a little dry but it’s the cucumber extract in Saltee is keeping my skin healthy and hydrated. I also welcome different products for face and body and whilst SPF 50 is right for my face, a 30 SPF is gives my skin a chance to develop a healthy bronze. And, I know it shoudn’t matter but the packaging is very cute 😉


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