6th April 2020

How to stay active and energised at home


Looking after you

For a lot of us, daily exercise is a huge part of our lives. In ‘normal world’ at Saltee we not only use the gym to keep fit but also as an escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Regular exercise is essential for supporting healthy immune function, boosting your mood and keeping you as healthy as possible. Find out our suggestions on the best ways to stay active at home.


Morning Yoga

What better way to start the day than with a daily gratitude session, where we take a moment to appreciate (rather than be frustrated by) spending so much time with our loved ones. It’s amazing how we can use this opportunity to connect with each other and to take a moment consider how amazing this time can be to: grow, discover new hobbies or just talk to friends you normally don’t speak to often enough.

Focus, energise, tone up, improve flexibility and boost your metabolism. Starting your morning this way sets an intention for the rest of the day to be positive.

Apps we love include Glo, Asana and Yoga Wave.

Eat Healthy

With so many of us always on the go, what better time to throw yourself into cooking. Spend the time you would normally spend commuting; cooking a beautiful fresh meal. Whether you are cooking for a big family, your partner, or just for yourself, cooking healthy meals and nourishing your body is an act of love. Follow some great accounts on instagram to gain inspiration. At Saltee we love @georgiamaysalamat, @healthywithnedi or @livegreenhealthy and get cooking!

Share recipes you have enjoyed with friends and family, set up a group chat with friends for fitness and recipes. Connecting with people in this way can help you feel less isolated and more engaged with the outside world.

Work up a sweat

This is the perfect time to try something new. How about some online classes? There are many on Instagram. Barry’s Bootcamp and Pscyle offering free classes throughout the day and are unashamed favourites of Saltee’s very own social fitness guru – Albertine.

Others at Saltee also find energy and motivation from FaceTiming friends and working out together. Cheer each other on and spread the Saltee love.

I’m sure the Saltee families out there are playing sport in the garden or embracing the daily family workouts. Joe Wicks has swept the nation and it’s no surprise that so many families are tuning in every morning. But why don’t we also start doing our own workouts? At Saltee we have found that challenging a family member to become the ‘trainer for the day’ and then a daily rotation; acts as great motivation.

Go for a walk or run

If you have extra time, ensure you use some of it to get outside and go for a walk, run or cycle (if you’re allowed in your country). Getting outdoors for just an hour or so has the added benefit of providing a little sun exposure to boost your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is produced in your skin with sun exposure. Heading outdoors may even help boost your immune system and mood – just make sure to maintain social distancing and don’t forget your Saltee SPF!

Get some jobs done

What better way to get some jobs ticked off the list and burn some cals at the same time. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like exercise because we’re distracted by the Hinch-worthy determination to bring a shine to every window and cob-web free ceilings! In just a couple hours of cleaning you can burn up to 170 calories.

Get the family involved as well. Hand out the mop, clear out the cupboards, get the kids organising their bedrooms…and even tackle the garage (if you’re brave enough!)

Whatever form of exercise you do, and whoever you do it with, it is proven to reduce anxiety, stress and panic. Encouraging your loved ones to workout is one of the ways we can look after each other and make sure we all stay positive during this time.

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