1st September 2020

Saltee Founders: Introducing Saltee hands

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Here at Saltee we still want you to ‘Escape with’ us and inspire your adventures during these uncertain times and with that in mind we are introducing Saltee hands to our portfolio – a premium cleansing gel solution with skincare benefits; a necessity for those on-the-go whether travelling, commuting or at home. That’s the Saltee way.

Why Saltee is launching a Premium Hand Sanitiser?

Saltee hands is infused with 70% alcohol, to ensure refreshing luxurious protection to take with you wherever you go.  Delicately scented, Saltee hands smells delicious and has Neroli Oil to hydrate, nourish and smooth your skin. Busy lives demand smart solutions and Saltee hands is a travel necessity as you explore new places.

Sitting down with the Saltee Founders Sam and Patrick; we asked them about the inspiration for Saltee hands.

Why a hand sanitiser when your launch products were all suncare/SPFs?

Sam: At Saltee we have set out to create products that are necessities for premium travel. We are a travel brand that launched with a suncare collection in 2019. Our long term goal is to create a range of products that lift the quality of any travellers hand carry-on.

The Saltee view is that, in the same way the suncare market was demanding better formulated SPF options, hand sanitisers were also not of a premium quality compared to other categories in beauty and cosmetics.

Patrick: We again stress tested our proposed formulation on our guinea pigs (friends and family) and they encouraged us to go fast to launch with a hand sanitiser that you look forward to reapplying. We have a healthy pipeline of new products and Saltee hands was on our long-list for launch, maybe in 2021 but the current pandemic necessitated that we accelerate to market.

Is the launch a reaction to Covid-19?

Patrick: The reality is that without Covid-19, we would not have launched Saltee hands in 2020. But as we went into lockdown, we all experienced the poor quality hand gels that dominate the market, so myself and Sam decided that we could do better. We were determined to create a product that was nourishing not drying, a scent that was light and refreshing not just ethanol and with qualities that encouraged you to reapply frequently.

Sam: We quickly made the decision to put a pause on two other new products that would have launched this summer and instead throw our energies into formulating the best hand sanitiser on the market. Saltee hands protects you – with 70% alcohol content – but the smart formula also nourishes your hands.

Does that mean we can expect more product launches in the near future?

Patrick: Yes. Saltee will bring some very exciting innovation to the travel and travel cosmetics market over the coming months. All our suncare range will be 100% ocean friendly by the autumn and this has only been delayed because the testing laboratory was closed during lockdown. Watch this space for a big coral-safe rollout for winter sun trips.

Sam: We will also bring two other exciting innovative formulations to the market in the second half of 2020. The formulation work is complete and we have agreed launch plans with some of our retail partners. We’re not giving too much away but it wont surprise anybody that they have a travel focus.

What is different about Saltee hands compared to other hand gels and sanitisers?

Patrick: In simple terms Saltee hands feels better and smells better than any other hand sanitiser in the world. Our extensive testing informed our thinking. Some people have not been using sanitisers because too often they dry and crack the skin. Saltee hands is nourishing and we will sample widely as we are confident that once trialled, there’s no going back.

Sam: In the current situation, nobody wants to take short cuts on their personal or family’s protection. Saltee hands was always going to have a high alcohol % but needed to balance that with nourishing ingredients. The full formulation of Saltee hands is understandably a closely guarded secret but Neroli Oil is an important ingredient as it helps to smooth the skin, promotes cell regeneration but also acts as an antiseptic in its own right – all without clogging pores. Neroli has the added benefit of being proven to reduce stress as it encourages the brain to release serotonin and aid anxiety.

Why 70% alcohol content?

Patrick: Saltee hands primary function is to kill bacteria. 70% alcohol content is above the World Health Organisation’s recommended level for effectiveness. The alcohol in Saltee hands inactivates viruses such as Covid-19 by breaking down the lipid layer.

Sam: To be clear – use Saltee hands frequently when on-the-go and you will be protected. The huge advantage is that the texture, nourishing qualities and scent will encourage you to reapply frequently. As we re-emerge into normal work and travel patterns, Saltee hands is the new travel necessity.

Tell us about the packaging for Saltee hands?

Sam: As with all Saltee packaging it had to be effective and look great. We decided upon a 50ml glass pump bottle as this fits snugly in most handbags and the pump allows you to control how much you apply. Our outer packaging is an organic cotton pouch which does look great and as a mini-bag enhances anybody’s carry-on.

Patrick: Sustainable packaging is also a hugely important aspect of all Saltee innovation. The glass bottle for hands is 100% recyclable and the cotton outer bag can be reused as a beautiful hand-bag mini. Myself and Sam met 10 years ago when we were both directors of a large recycling business – Saltee hands meets our expectations of recyclability and carbon reduction.

Where can we buy Saltee hands?

Patrick: The easiest place to find Saltee hands is on the Saltee website www.saltee.co.uk – with next day delivery it couldn’t be more straightforward. We have some fantastic introductory offers and we will even send 5ml samples to those who want to trial Saltee hands and enjoy the feel and scent of the product.

Sam: It won’t surprise anybody that our main retail partners are eager to list Saltee hands. The lack of innovation on hand sanitisers means that the sector has really welcomed this new product. We are delighted to announce that Harrods have placed an order and will be sharing our newness with their premium customers. More will follow as word gets out. It fits with our Saltee mantra of “Escape With Us”.


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