25th March 2019

Fashion blogger Ella Catliff talks all things Saltee

Sun, sea, sand and Saltee

Saltee Skincare

– What first drew you to Saltee?

As someone who has always been somewhat lazy with both skincare and suncare, being able to have a product that combines both is an absolute dream! Obviously there are other products out there offering that but I was attracted to Saltee’s fresh approach, aesthetic and the feel of the product on my skin which tends to be very sensitive.

– Historically when have you bought suncream – pre vacay or airport?

In the past, panic buy at the airport or resort. But I’m trying to be a bit more responsible about what I put on my skin these days!

– Has a sun care brand ever excited you before?

Not really if I’m honest, it’s always been a forced purchase by a friend or family member.

– Tell us about your perfect long weekend.

I just got back from a few days in Jordan with my mum. It was utterly perfect. Short flight, year round sun, best travel companion.

– Beach or mountain?

Both! My ideal trip combines relaxation, activities, adventures and lots of cocktails.

– Where’s the most idyllic place you have ever visited?

Costa Rica, it has beaches, mountains, jungles, rain forests and the most wonderful people.

– How long before a trip do you start packing?

I’d love to say a week ahead of flying but being honest, usually it’s the night before. Although I do start planning my outfits ahead of time so I know what to shove in my case at the inevitable 11th hour.

– Boutique hangout or 5 star luxury hotel?

Ideally somewhere that combines both. Pikes Ibiza and Palais Namaskar in Morocco are favourites of mine.

– What are your 2019 summer tips?

Start packing more than 12 hours before your holiday! Which I probably won’t be following… most importantly, choose your holiday partners wisely, and pack outfits for each day and night ideally with 2 extras in case you’re not in the mood for one of them.

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