10th January 2021

Everyday, healthy habits with Bare Biology

Meet Melanie Lawson, CEO of Bare Biology

Here at Saltee we’re prioritising healthy habits that benefit our wellbeing; including our mind and body.  Making that everyday routine an essential ritual.  We’ve teamed up with Bare Biology who offer sustainably sourced, pure and powerful marine supplements supported by science and real stories. They make maintaining a healthy lifestyle easy.

We’ve had the chance to chat with Melanie Lawson, CEO and founder of Bare Biology to discover everything we needed to know about the brand and products.

What are your focuses moving in to the new year?

Personally I need to get to the bottom of whether I’m peri-menopausal or not. I haven’t been feeling great and it’s likely that’s the cause. I also have constant neck and shoulder pain from poor posture, tension and excessive computer use so a big goal is to work on strengthening my back and core and finding some relief from the pain.  I’d also like to learn how to play the piano! I used to play and it has been a lifelong ambition, so the first step is to find a piano teacher.  The challenge will be making sure I find time to practice and time is not something I have in abundance!

What are some daily habits you live by at Bare Biology?

Getting up very early is the single biggest contributor to whether I feel the day goes well or not. If I decide to take the easy option and lie in bed longer, I’m then on the back foot and feel ‘off’ all day. I like to take time to shower, put on make-up and blow dry my hair.  Make a nice coffee and sit down quietly to eat breakfast. I try very hard to do a morning meditation with the Waking Up app but this needs some work! A goal for 2021 I think.

I always take our Life & Soul omega-3 and our Skinful collagen with vitamin c. I also take magnesium, vitamin D and extra vitamin c.  I don’t look at my phone until about 9am and I never take my phone to bed.  Sleep is becoming increasingly important to me so I always try to be asleep by 10:30.

How do you maintain these on a daily basis?

They’re just so entrenched now that I don’t think about them. I do go through phases where I forget to take my supplements, ironically, so I put them on the dining table next to my water glass or leave them in front of the kettle.  If I can see them, I remember.

What’s your go-to products for ultimate ‘me time’ essentials?

I don’t really get any ‘me time’ other than early in the morning.  I have been trying very hard to take just ten minutes before dinner to remove my make up properly and then I do some gua sha with the Hayo’u method beauty restorer in rose.  I clench my jaw a lot so massaging my face with this tool really helps.  The other ‘me time’ I get is in the car on the way home after work and I always listen to podcasts. I love Tim Ferriss and the Unofficial Shopify podcast which is brilliant for people who run an online business.

What are your tips on enhancing your energy and mood?

Sadly the only way to do this is to be fairly regimented about certain rules.   Never too much caffeine, extremely limited alcohol (alcohol is the single biggest mood and energy killer for me), very limited to no sugar, no gluten (it really does affect my brain), enough sleep and playing a sociable outdoor sport a few times a week (for me that’s tennis).

How do you find time to keep the mind healthy?

I’m not sure I do!  But having suffered most of my life with mental illness, it’s a top priority and I’m hyper aware of how I feel all the time.  Depression can’t creep up on me as I’m always looking out for it.  The minute I sense it, I check in to see if I haven’t been following my own tips on enhancing mood.  Sometimes life throws stuff at you that no amount of sleep or the right nutrition can help, but not exacerbating it by reaching for alcohol or staying up late can speed up the recovery.  I also have regular acupuncture which I swear by for balancing stress hormones. I’m a real cortisol and adrenaline type and often survive on those. Getting them to calm down every few weeks really helps.

How does Bare Biology maintain sustainability?

From day one all of our ingredients have come from certified sustainable supplies and from wild fish. We get all our products independently tested for purity too. We use mostly glass for our containers and all the materials we use are recyclable. Our warehouse also uses as little packaging as possible and also recyclable materials.  We often get asked to do sample sizes or single serve sachets of our collagen but we’ve always resisted due to the amount of excessive packaging this would create.  We don’t do anything without considering sustainability and quality first.

What are you looking forward to most for 2021?

We have some exciting new product launches and, fingers crossed, a new website launching in 2021. We’re also hiring a new team member to support our amazing customer service team.  Basically, we’re looking forward to sustained business growth which allows us to offer employment and create new products to help people feel better!

However you make time for you in 2021, Saltee and Bare Biology want to join you.  let us help you create your healthy habits and turn routine to ritual.





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