1st October 2021

Bleisure travel with Saltee

 Making the most of every travel occasion

Once-upon-a-time BS (before Saltee) life was neatly split – work and holiday. No more. Travel no longer merely means booking a holiday. Seeing the world can be about combining the two – for some lucky ones, extending the work trip to take in a new city or country.

But the balance isn’t easy and there are some good hacks to ensure you combine ‘travel for work’ with ‘travel for rest’.

Know what’s allowed: First things first, make sure you know your company’s policies on travel. Before you leave town, read through the guidelines so you know what can and cannot be charged back to the company.

Be open about it: Tell your other half that it’s bleisure trip and also share your plan with colleagues and your boss. Don’t let them find out about it from social media first! Full transparency is always the way to go.

Flex accomodation: Late check out and early check-ins can be a saviour. Always contact the hotel or apartment before your trip – as with some warning, most will be pretty flexible. A good combined trip can be as simple as a late lunch and stroll around a new city before catching a later flight home.

Bars and restaurants: be creative and avoid going to the hotel restaurant like every other dull business traveller. Do 5 minutes research before you travel and find that local restaurant that you’ll be Instagram Storying the hell out of.

Sign up for rewards and loyalty programmes: Earning points and miles is a no-brainer. Join loyalty programs for airlines and rental cars so you can start accumulating rewards and perks. If your credit card doesn’t earn you similar travel perks, it might be worth looking into

Pack versatile clothes: The best bleisure outfits are ones that can easily translate from morning to night. They’re work-appropriate for daytime but can also transition into evening with minimal changes. Pack clothes that you can mix and match, as well as ones that are comfortable enough to wear on your free time.

Work time and down time: Social media rules and the rise of content-related professions means that, like it or not, we are almost always “on”. Have your own rules and keep to them – at Saltee we like to signify ‘down-time’ with a sundowner.

Best combined destinations: you rarely get to determine the destination when combining work and holiday but…Saltee co-Founder Patrick’s two favourites have been Cape Town: “the best beaches and bars are just 10 minutes from the city” and Paris: “not original but wherever you’re doing business there’s a really cool area of the city to explore and a brasserie that beats anything back home.”

Don’t forget your Saltee: Daily Protection Formula is the perfect travel pal for a bleisure trip. Small enough for hand luggage, light enough to wear as a primer but SPF 50 to protect however sunny it gets.

Saltee Skincare

The perfect bleisure travel companions


Whatever your next adventure, be sure to take Saltee with you.  Poolside, seaside, slopeside or city escape, Saltee offers a cleaner life essential ready for any getaway.

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