11th November 2020

Anabel Dorman: Finding time for you

Advice for a healthy mind and body

Saltee takes a dive into the life of Anabel Dorman, former professional dancer, and Aerial dancing teacher, now teaching Pilates, yoga and working as a PT.

Anabel is so Saltee and a real inspiration this year. We asked her to give us a lowdown on how she stays Saltee and juggles fitness, lifestyle, staying focused and her family.  She has had a truly Saltee global life – originally from Mexico and moved Barcelona when she was a teenager, Anabel eventually moved to London 5 years ago, where she lives with her family.

Keeping a healthy mind and body has been essential to Anabel.  We’ve had some difficult times and often unsure times so it’s good to keep focused on those things that makes us feel better, inside and out.

How busy is your home life right now?

My life is so busy right now, juggling my clients, kids, home and my own training is hard but a structured routine is really helpful during these uncertain times. Now I’ve got my routine underway it means I can get everything done I need to but also really enjoy my life; spending time with the kids and of course working with my clients.

How do you find some “me time” with everything going on? 

Me time is crucial right now but its nearly always centred around my own training routine, that’s where I’m at my happiest! I try to do a challenging hot yoga class every day, plus running and aerial sessions help to keep my body and my mental health in good shape.  It’s so important to keep active, keep moving.  Not just for the body but it’s a great time to clear my mind and really escape.

How have you helped your children understand the new “normal”? 

It blows my mind how resilient kids are and how easily they adapt to new situations. It’s been a special journey for us and although we’re selective in the information we share with them, they’re so aware of so much. I’m always so impressed with how responsible and careful they are these days. They make me feel so lucky. Well, washing their hair is still a pain, but I can live with that.

Is hygiene and hand hygiene a big thing in your house? 

Yes, absolutely. Cleaning and disinfecting everything have become the norm, along with changing clothes every time we go out, using face masks and of course, keeping our hands clean. My kids both suffer from eczema but can be a bit obsessive about hand washing, so I have to be careful which products I let them use. Saltee soothing hand sanitiser is very gentle and we all love the scent.

Is your routine now very different to a year ago and how you ensure there’s still time to stay fit?

My routine it’s similar to a year ago in many ways but it feels harder with all the new rules and current situation at home.  We’re really trying to embrace the changes though and make the most of what we can do to make everything as ‘normal’ for us as possible.

Do you try and look out for friends as well as family as we adjust to life at the moment?

Spending quality time with family and friends is key, even if it can only be a zoom call or a text to check how everyone is doing. These little things have never been more important.  It’s nice to look forward to things like this now.  Not just for us but for the kids as well.

Are there new family habits that you have introduced with Covid?

Sadly, my husband was diagnosed with advanced cancer towards the end of the first lockdown, in June this year. Now that the schools are open again, he can’t live with us because of the COVID risk, so he’s isolating at his parents’ house. An evening story over a video conference has become an important part of the family routine. I know it means a lot to all of them. I think it’s so important to try to maintain some sense of normality even under these strange circumstances.

What other pick-me-ups have you found that just bring some cheer into everyday living? 

I love cooking and eating good food, I’ve stopped spending time and money on silly things, right now and focus on cooking fresh, organic tasty meals. I’m lucky because my kids will eat anything. I love to see them trying new veggie recipes and saying, “yummy mummy, thank you.”

Head over to Anabel’s Instagram for daily motivation and fitness @anabeldorman

It’s so essential these days to make sure we keep our mind and body’s healthy.  Escape with Saltee for a little peace of mind.

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