14th December 2020

Ganor Dominic: Inspiration behind the brand

Saltee meets the founders

Ganor Dominic is a British footwear brand founded in 2015 by two sisters: brand director Kate and creative designer Anna. Influenced by surrealist sculptors, avant-garde couturiers, and extravagant photographers, Ganor Dominic portrays the fluid link between art and fashion, blending into the life of modern women and helping them create their own fantasy.

We’ve teamed up with the team at Ganor Dominic for a chat with Anna to discover a little more about where they started, their biggest inspirations and top tips for winter 2020.

What was the original trigger point to create Ganor Dominic? 

I was always very passionate about Art , especially sculpture and 3D objects and shoes seemed a perfect commercial product to use sculptural element as part of the design.

You seem to be a design led business. What are the inspirations for your designs?

Initial inspirations come from the Ancient Greek Sculpture and Mythology and then it expanded to other Art directions with the focus on Faces.

You love to collaborate. What shapes your thinking on collaborations?

Connecting with young brands & creatives is the best way to grow brand awareness as well as support other like-minded businesses.

How do you marry together the Italian and London design themes that underpin the business?

The brand is based in London, that is the best source of inspiration – from observing Arts in the museums, streets, people..  and then the products are hand crafted in Italy in the family-owned factory, where the shoes are filled with Italian traditions and vibrant Italian energy !

Do you think of your designs as unconventional?

Hope so

What other brands do you admire?

Victor&Rolf for their surreal and artful approach to fashion.

Any top tips for this strange winter of 2020 as we deal with unusual circumstances?

It’s so easy to fall into Autumn blues and lose motivation… But when you wake up, try to remember all the good things about what you are doing and why you are doing it – and keep going!

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