2nd July 2020

A Saltee Workout with Anabel Dorman

Keeping fit at home in 20 minutes

Over the last few months keeping fit at home has been a big part of our lives.  With gyms closed we’ve had to find it in us to motivate ourselves through some already tricky times. We asked our favourite PT, Anabel Dorman, to create a Saltee online workout for you to try. 

Remember if you plan too sweat or get wet then Saltee SPF30 Body Active Sun Lotion is the perfect suncare product; SPF 30 protection packed with natural essential oils to soothe aching and tired muscles. 

Now grab a towel and water bottle – load up the 20 minute Saltee workout.

Anabel Dorman created this exclusive workout so that it is suitable whatever the space and whether you are in the garden or living room…

As a mum Anabel is always juggling to fit all her classes and clients around her kids life, but during lockdown she has re-discovered online training just as many of us have. She loves face to face classes, but online training is giving her business a new vibe, Anabel can really feel everyone is much more relaxed because they are practicing in their safe place, where everyone feels comfortable and the no rush feeling is just great.

Anabel is currently teaching several classes a day to big companies and groups, doing early sessions to kick the day off all together and prepare the body for long periods of sitting in front of a computer. With online PT sessions for regular clients and she films videos for social media. All this in between dealing with the house and homeschool, at this point everything feels right and our routine is making her feel she is succeeding and achieving in her happy bubble, endorphins are definitely doing the magic in her house during these months at home.

So, take 20 minutes out of your day, water bottle and towel at the ready and get stuck into Anabel Dorman’s Saltee garden workout.

However you’re spending your summer, make sure you have Saltee by your side.  Saltee products are vegan friendly, cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free, dermatologically tested and Oxybenzone free – making it safer for our oceans.

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