17th July 2023

IG LIVE: Everything Transformative Travel ☀️

IG Live with Co-Founder of Saltee and Founder of Rae Feather. 

As we enter the peak season for travel, the anticipation can almost be as exciting as the travels themselves! 

A few weeks back, Saltee teamed up with Lifestyle, Stylish, and Timeless brands- Rae Feather + Le Hat to offer one lucky winner the ultimate bundle in travel essentials. 

The luxury prize comprised of:

An exclusive personalised Rae Feather Camilla Basket filled with:

☀️ An array of Saltee SPF for the face & body

☀️ A Le Hat to further protect you from the sun’s rays

Both brands offer more than just a product; they provide an overall brand experience that transports you to your ideal sunny adventure escape and into your holiday transformative travel experiences. 

After a successful giveaway run and one lucky winner, Co-Founder Patrick from Saltee, and Founder from Rae Feather, Rae, got together and did an exciting IG Live to talk about everything transformative travel and the importance of applying SPF.

Rae is a fan of everything Saltee does, from the brand to the products, to the overall culture and Saltee mindset- open-minded, culturally curious, and willing to surrender to the perspective-altering moments every holiday experience can offer.

The IG live started with Rae introducing her favourite bundle of Saltee products to the audience- the summer range: Body Sea & Sun Formula, Tan Enhancer, The Weekend Duo, the Hydrating Mist, and the Daily Protection Formula for the face.

Then she followed up by asking Patrick from Saltee some questions about the luxury SPF range. 

Rae: Patrick, I love your Saltee products, from their beautiful branding to how smooth and easy to apply on the skin it is. Tell us more about the Saltee journey. 

Patrick: Saltee is a luxury suncare brand from the UK- the heart of Marlow, borne from a shared passion for life-changing holiday experiences. Saltee is a brand, a culture, and a mindset defined by transformative travel.

Rae: I love your Tan Enhance Formula. What are your SPF products made of? 

Patrick: Tan Enhance Formula is a soothing body and faces after-sun formula that works to prolong a healthy glow. One of our key ingredients is MelinOil, which helps stimulate your skin’s natural sun defences and prevents photo-ageing whilst boosting your natural glow for an all-year-round sun-kissed look. 

Shortly after the start of the IG live the audience had some questions and participated in the Q&A.

Some questions the audience had:

Q: Can you use Saltee products for children?

A: Yes, given how we have formulated the Saltee collection they are suitable for younger members of the Saltee Tribe – their skin should tolerate our Saltee products and be as protected as a mum. 

Q: Are your Saltee products safe for sensitive skin?

A: Yes, the full Saltee collection is suitable for sensitive skin. All Saltee products are independently patch tested by a third-party laboratory to verify that they are suitable ‘for sensitive skin’. We advise that if you have particularly reactive skin, it’s always best to test a small amount of Saltee to check that it feels as great on your skin as it has on other members of the Saltee Tribe. 

Q: Where are your products made?

A: All products in the Saltee Collection are made here in the UK. 

After a wonderful IG live, Rae wrapped up with her last question to Saltee…

Rae: How can we connect with Saltee and where can we find Saltee products?

Patrick: Follow us on all social channels @Salteesun and you can purchase our products at Saltee.co.uk. Receive as 15% discount when signing up to join the Saltee Email list. 

Thank you, Rae Feather, for including us in your Summer Giveaway competition!

Saltee enjoyed the thrilling collab and we can’t wait for the next one. Congrats on the lucky winner. 

If you are still reading this, you are also a winner. Use promo code SALTEEWIN for 20% off your first purchase. 

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